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Celebrate the farmer.. Enjoy the cup... Glorify God!

Forte Legato Coffee Company started with the idea of having a strong cup of coffee, yet somehow smooth. As owner Nick Peñaloza took the advice of his wife to start roasting his own coffee, a new world had opened up within the first week. Not only did he find that coffee a day or two after roasting was amazingly fresh, he found that there are profiles of roasting that can still create great flavors without that under-roasted sourness or over-roasted bitterness. 

After creating the company in Sonoma, CA, Forte Legato incorporated in Fort Mill, SC, where it will continue to continue its roasting and wholesale business, while making its coffee available to you through the website.

Ultimately, Forte Legato wants to ensure there is transparency from seed to cup through a program called More than Fair, which allows us to reward the farmers with compensation they rightfully deserve, as opposed to using certain brokers that may put their own interests first.

We are proud to identify ourselves as a Christian company with a mission of glorifying God through providing quality coffee: 

Celebrate the Famer, Enjoy the Cup, Glorify God.

Feel free to contact us via email: nick@fortelegato.com

Our team

Nick Penaloza


I used to drink coffee only occasionally as a basic means to get caffeine. Once Nick joined our church and brought coffee for the first time, I realized that coffee could actually taste good and I fell in love.

Ryan Waldroop

We tried the coffee this morning and LOVED it! It has a very nice flavor with ZERO bitterness which is awesome! I really like how it wasn't too strong for a medium blend and wasn't too bland either. It's like getting a steak that has the perfect amount of pink in it. I thought it was fabulous and would definitely order more.

Narissa Sanders

Your roast smells fresh and amazing, both from the bag and during the brew. It tastes full and smooth and sweet, like a good birthday coffee should. I'd like to purchase something different when I run out. Some Sumatra, I think.

Betsy Shober