Tanzania Peaberry


Have you ever seen a peanut with one big nut instead of having two halves? That’s essentially what a pea berry coffee is. Since the bean doesn’t need to share its space with its other half, you get a sweeter coffee that only appears in about 5% of coffee cherries.

Bright and flavorful, this pea berry is definitely a coffee for those who prefer something more acidic and ostentatious than the normal Central or South American beans.

Because of it’s origin and how it’s grown, you get blueberry notes, with a floral aroma. This mind-blowing coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Hear the coffee brewing

Is your mouth thirsty, yet?

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Coffee from Tanzania in East Africa

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13.5oz Bag, 32oz Bag


Whole bean, French Press, Reusable Pods, Drip Machine, Fine/Drip, Espresso