Brewing coffee when traveling




brewing Time

3 Min



What you need

  • 1 (Any) Kalita Wave Dripper
  • 3-5 Paper Filters
  • 22 grams Fairly Course Ground Coffee
  • 2 Paper Cups
  • 12oz 175°F Hot Water


Costa Rica Red Honey Gesha Coffee


Watch the video below to follow properly.


Step 1

Fill one of your 12oz paper cup with hot water. Assemble your filter, dripper and the other 12oz paper cup.

Step 2

Pre-rinse the filter (which includes the paper cup beneath). Put in 2 scoops of coffee into the paper filter.

Step 3

Start your stopwatch on your phone. Pour hot over just enough to cover the coffee grounds (blooming) and wait for 30 seconds to settle.

Step 4

Start pouring hot water again slowly in a spiral movement. You can remove the dripper once you reach 3 minutes or if it finishes dripping, whichever comes first. Enjoy your travel and coffee!