Benguet, Philippines


Producer: Carmel Laurino – Kalsada Coffee

Region: Cordillera Administrative Region, Atok

Elevation: 1400 – 1700 masl

Variety: Garnica, Red Bourbon, San Ramon and Typica

Process: Fully Washed

The Cup: Mildy floral nose with hints of vanilla, flavors of mild acidity, dried tangerine and cacao.

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Belis sits atop the Cordillera mountain range with an elevation of 1400 – 1700 masl. It is blessed with natural springs that flow all-year round and is home to vegetable and coffee growers.

Processed in two micromills that Kalsada built in 2015, the washed coffees have an intense vanilla and sweet floral aroma with flavor notes of dried fruit, cacao-nibs, cardamom, nutmeg, and all spice. The natural coffees have a distinct sweetness with notes of strawberries, lime, and a thick syrupy mouthfeel.

A mix of typica and bourbon are delivered to the station on a daily basis. This coffee is the fruit of the hard work of 50 families of growers, and it was established through generous funding by our Kickstarter backers. 

REGION –Cordillera Administrative Region

MUNICIPALITY + Province – Atok, Benguet

ELEVATION – 1,400 – 1,700 masl 

VARIETIES GROWN – Garnica, Red Bourbon, San Ramon, and Typica

PROCESSING METHOD – Washed, Honey, and Natural Processed

DRYING METHOD – Sun-dried on raised beds

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